Watch Now: Level Up Your Restaurant with ChatFood + TikTok

At ChatFood, we’re all about helping restaurants like you take back control of your sales channels, and therefore your profits and customer relationships.

Since your ChatFood digital menu is a link, you can get orders from within the platform your customers are already using, and reduce the steps-to-purchase to increase your conversion rate. For restaurants that haven’t begun using TikTok already, as well as those that are well-established on the platform, we organized a webinar to discuss how restaurants and F&B concepts can leverage the power of TikTok to increase brand awareness, improve customer retention rates, and drive more direct orders.

What we discussed:
– What is ChatFood?
– What is the 0% SOS Movement?
– What is TikTok?
– TikTok’s value proposition for restaurants
– How are food influencers are leveraging TikTok to help restaurants reach a wider audience?
– Hearing from ChatFood restaurant partners on how they have increased their brand awareness using TikTok

Raz from ChatFood was joined by the team at TikTok, including Rana Barakat (SMB Lead), Jochen Bischoff (Head of Consumer Business Partnerships), Lea Bitar (F&B Client Partner), and Georges Al Jamous (Client Solutions Manager).

Also participating was Alex Augusti from @justfooddxb, a food reviewer passionate about promoting local brands by driving traffic to restaurants’ social media pages, where customers can order direct at 0% commission.

Want to learn how to embed your ChatFood digital menu in your TikTok channel and drive orders from within the platform?

What is ChatFood?

Our mission is to help restaurants generate more revenue, sustainably.

To date, we have provided 4000+ restaurants with the tools they need to succeed in a quickly evolving online world, without relinquishing their profits to hefty commissions.

First, we help restaurants to sell direct, across all online channels, by monetizing their audiences. This is achieved by using an intuitive digital menu that is accessible via TikTok, Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, your website, and elsewhere. Plus, take advantage of the exclusive Instagram [Order Food] buttons and stickers, made possible through the Instagram & ChatFood partnership.

Then, we help restaurants to keep their customers coming back. Using your loyalty program, incentivize repeat orders and convert delivery customers to dine-in, and vice versa. Having a Facebook Pixel integrated into your digital menu makes a world of difference, and allows you to convert visitors into customers.

Finally, use the aforementioned Pixel integration to reach out to new customers more likely to convert, and partner-up with rewards schemes and influencers to access wider networks, and acquire new customers.

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