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Listen: “How ChatFood helps restaurants get back ownership of their delivery business” — Dubai Business Podcast

9 AUG, 2020 | Benjamin Mouflard on Dubai Business Podcast

It has been a few months since social-distancing measures began, and the impact of the pandemic on the F&B industry—particularly with food delivery—is now plain to see.

Reflecting on resources we’ve shared with our restaurant partners, including ‘Why Delivery During Quarantine is the Best Option for Your Business’, and whether having your own couriers is worth it, Co-Founder and CEO Benjamin Mouflard shared his thoughts on ChatFood’s swift growth in the last few months, as restaurateurs look to innovative alternatives to the big aggregators for their food delivery solutions.

“At the beginning of 2020, COVID-19 hit all of us on different levels. One business sector that was particularly affected was the F&B business. Strict lockdowns were imposed and hence dine-in was not even a thought in anyone’s mind. People only relied on online food deliveries during the period of lockdown, even now after the lockdown has been eased people still mostly rely on deliveries.

Now, the thing about deliveries is that food aggregators like… we don’t want to name them but they somewhat rhyme with ‘tomato’ and ‘super eats’ give a lot of offers to the consumers, which is great but is it actually great considering they charge huge commissions from the restaurants and these restaurants benefit very little from this. It means that the restaurants we love never get the payment in full when we order through food aggregators. But restaurants had very few options as the crisis was hitting them bad, they HAD to join one of these aggregators to sustain their business.

This is where ChatFood comes into play. ChatFood is a commission-free online food ordering service, that gives full profit to the restaurant when we order through their services. Over the last 6 months, ChatFood has seen enormous growth and multiple restaurants joining them as you are reading this. We thought it would be interesting to have a conversation with the Co-founder of ChatFood about how things unfolded and that’s exactly what we did.

In this episode, Benjamin Mouflard – Co-founder at ChatFood speaks about how ChatFood helps restaurants get back ownership of their delivery business by providing commission-free orders, what their values are, how they provide excellent service to their customers and much more. Listen to it now, and lets us know in comments how this episode was and share with us any thoughts you be having. This episode includes:

5 min – tools they launched to help restaurants during pandemic

11 min – growth while maintaining quality

19 min – restaurant’s marketing

27 min – future for online ordering

35 min – does customer loyalty exist?

Listen to the whole interview here.
Thanks to JAYID and Dubai Business Podcast!

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