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Digital services have transformed economic activities, bringing facilities and countless possibilities to every segment, especially restaurants. Everything became even more exciting with the growing increase in delivery services.

The need to reinvent and expand horizons has become an exciting challenge, as it increases the chances of developing an efficient job and ensuring an incredible experience for customers. Also, it leads to the consolidation of the brand in a market that is increasingly competitive.

In this scenario, the virtual restaurant is gaining space, and it has become a world trend. Do you know what it is and how to take advantage of this modality? Check out in this post everything you need to know about this!

What’s a virtual restaurant?

Technology has a significant influence on our day by day life and, as a result, people are often connected. Also, they prefer to buy products or services that offer agility and convenience, in response to an accelerated routine.

When it comes to food, this reality has transformed services. Therefore, establishments are attentive to digital processes, investing in a new modality: the virtual restaurant.

It consists of a kitchen that has the processes of selling entirely online. This means that it doesn’t need a physical establishment open to the public, and it concentrates resources only for deliveries. The concept was born after the increase in delivery orders.

This option is gaining visibility due to the possibilities it offers. Among them, the economy for not investing in a salon to accommodate customers, fewer employees, and the versatility of being able to create a second brand, expanding its performance in the market.

How to create a second brand?

Investing in a new brand is a smart way to diversify the portfolio and the direction of the business, increasing the chances of being successful. However, detailed planning is necessary to overcome challenges and offer quality products and efficient deliveries.

The first step in creating a second brand is to develop a clear business plan, with its own identity and without relations with the first company. This is important, even if they are sharing the same physical space.

Determine the type of product that doesn’t cause competition with the brand you already have. Strategically, complement your commercial portfolio and naturally influence customers’ purchase decisions.

Let’s see in which situations you can create a second brand!

Produce a second type of product and sell only on delivery

The food segment is quite varied. In this context, it is common for restaurants specialized in one type of product to invest in new experiences. For example, a pizzeria that decides to produce a line of hamburgers.

For this, it’s possible to introduce a second brand for the new product and, this way, act separately. The focus should be only to sell by delivery.

Create a second brand as a virtual restaurant

If you already have an establishment open to the public that also operates with delivery, and you want to expand the business, everything is even more comfortable. In this case, the initial investment may be less than expected to open the virtual restaurant.

As it requires a few resources, just the kitchen, order planning, and delivery management, the process is highly economical and efficient. However, as the focus is on delivery, it is essential to have everything very well aligned to have a good start.

What are the benefits of the virtual restaurant?

With the ascension of delivery, the virtual restaurant has become a profitable business and a significant trend for the future. The main benefit that this modality provides is the reduced investment, way below what is necessary to open a traditional restaurant.

Also, the facilities provided by digital communication channels and online order management help develop a qualified marketing work and provide efficient services. These factors are essential to stand out in the market, reducing costs and increasing profits.

How to deploy?

Opening a second brand as a virtual restaurant requires a detailed prior study, even if it’s a type of company that needs a relatively low investment to start activities.

It’s necessary to structure the idea and put it on paper, make a careful analysis of the market, and study possible competitors. This will provide you an ample information and a solid basis for your decisions. Therefore, it’s essential to pay attention to the following factors:

  • Business planning
  • Marketing actions
  • Internal production processes
  • Definition of suppliers
  • Packaging and transportation
  • Qualified employees
  • Order and delivery management.

Versatility is a strong point of the virtual restaurant, as it allows to use small spaces or that require few adaptations. But it’s interesting to note that the physical structure, equipment, and order management systems have a direct influence on the quality of your product and the customer’s experience.

For this reason, when implementing your other brand, look for a well thought out structure, with quality equipment and professionals to provide a good flow of order taking, preparation, and an efficient delivery.

Why is ChatFood ideal for helping to create a second brand?

The sales channel is the most important thing for the virtual restaurant, as it’s the communication link with the target audience. It’s an aspect of significant influence in the business, since there is no personal contact with the customer.

Choosing a way that provides efficiency and savings is essential for brand planning, especially in the beginning, where it is essential to provide quality service at the lowest possible cost.

With that in mind, ChatFood came to bring innovation as a sales channel for restaurants. It allows the merchant to make direct sales through the website, social networks, or any digital channel, without having to pay commission for applications.

All of this, just for you to have a more accessible beginning and complete support when starting online sales on your new brand, eliminating additional fees and contributing to your financial planning. In addition to starting by offering customers the advantage of placing orders through multiple channels, transmitting a positive image, which is another step towards customer loyalty.

Starting a new brand is a challenge that must be conquered with a lot of planning, dedication, and persistence. Therefore, it’s essential to be innovative and visionary, so that the virtual restaurant has a promising start and stands out from the competitors.

If you liked this post and want to know more about incredible services that will contribute a lot to your business, don’t waste your time! Contact us and learn everything to start sales in the best possible way!

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