pizza restaurant saving commission from direct orders

How @UrbanSliceBH saved $20,500 from 3000 orders — by not paying a cent in commission.

The story of Urban Slice is one to be admired. As with many restaurants, once they began driving an increasing order volume, they wondered why they were continuing to pay commission on orders from repeat customers. They were looking for a solution to take back control of their online business.

Within their first month empowered by ChatFood, @UrbanSliceBH enjoyed more than 800 direct orders, and added $5,500 to their bottom line—money that otherwise would have gone to paying hefty aggregator commissions.

To date, they’ve saved $20,000 that otherwise would have gone to commission, and generate more than 3000 direct orders.

This could be your story too. Wanna learn how they did it?

About @UrbanSliceBH

Based in Bahrain, Urban Slice aims to bring authentic New York Pizza to its customers; serving the best pizza pies and slices wherever it operates.
They offer an exclusive range of hand tossed NY style pizzas made with signature home-made sauces and fresh ingredients, wide selection of appetizers, sides, salads, pastas and beverages.

They are renowned for offering a truly enormous XXXL pizza. Combine their insta-worthy product with their lively and hip social media presence, and you have a sure-fire formula for a large social media following.

Urban Slice is a great brand that we’re very proud to have on-board, just one of the 4500+ restaurants that are taking back control.

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