Find out why delivery during quarantine is the best option for your business!

Everyone is experiencing a new reality with COVID-19. The pandemic has changed the way we live and relate to people and also our way of consuming. As a consequence, all companies are reshaping the way they work and how they’re offering their services and products.

The delivery system in quarantine has become of great importance for the population and how they can continue the business. The companies that already offered this service went way ahead, just having to strengthen even more this sector. Those who didn’t provide the service before are learning to act quickly.

Given this scenario, read this text and learn how and why to enter this niche. Good reading!

Understand the needs of the population

Well-informed people know that staying at home has become the safest way to protect themselves against an invisible enemy. They are going out to the streets just if they need it. However, at home, they need to reorganize their work so everything can continue going.

Taking care of food and cleaning is essential at home. Most families are not used to having many household chores without the help of others. Those who have children all day inside the house deals with even more demands.

There is no escape from cleaning, but the work of cooking can be released, for example, by ordering ready-to-eat food. Therefore, delivery in quarantine has been a great help for those with accumulated tasks at home.

People who are working physically on essential services also need to eat. Others cannot return home. There’s no cafeteria at work or no time to cook food to take it to work. So, as many restaurants are closed, as they can be contagion spots, some companies are contacting meal delivery services for their employees.

Adapt to the needs of the population

In some cities, restaurants and bars are only allowed to open only with a delivery system. Where the opening of shops and restaurants is granted, the population may not feel safe to visit them. Therefore, with a low income, the delivery service can help.

From this idea came the concept of a dark kitchen. It’s a new model of sales of food services only by delivery. It doesn’t require a space to receive customers or waiters serving them, but only a kitchen to produce food and a delivery system.

Deploy the delivery service

The delivery system during the quarantine is possible with the direct hiring of delivery staff according to your outflow. If you choose this option, it will be necessary to have someone to take the orders and forward them to the kitchen and the delivery staff. Phone, social networks, or WhatsApp can do the communication with the client. It will also be necessary to advertise the company and the food offered through the internet.

Another option is to use the services of companies that take orders, inform the kitchen, seek and deliver to the customer. This way, the restaurant will have more visibility, as many people contact directly on these delivery platforms. In this case, you need to find out about the service and how to register.

Without a doubt, the delivery service during quarantine is a way to maintain essential services to everyone during the pandemic, without compromising business revenue in the middle of the crisis.

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