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5 Ways Contactless Dining Benefits Restaurants

During lockdown, many restaurants were forced to pivot to meet their customers’ increased delivery needs. Due to the predatory commission structure from aggregators, restaurants saw their revenue fall as dine-in customer frequency was halted—even as the number of delivery orders surpassed previous dine-ins.

As lockdowns begin to be lifted across the world, restaurants need to be prepared for new restrictions and practices around their returning dine-in operations. At ChatFood, we have a cohesive contactless dining solution to help restaurants fulfill strict social-distancing guidelines quickly, and get them back to receiving valuable dine-in customers—with some surprising added benefits. Here’s how Contactless Dining will:

  • Ease your operations
  • Improve your customers’ experience
  • Facilitate payment — however you decide to accept it
  • Get delivery customers to dine-in
  • Incentivize re-orders through your loyalty program

What is Contactless Dining?

Great (and safe!) customer service at Wingsters in Dubai

Contactless Dining is how your customers can feel safe when visiting your branch by ordering digitally via their own phone, and paying at the table without touching cash or cards. Customers access the menu via a branded QR code on their table, and begin selecting their dish.

Restaurants that implement Contactless Dining successfully are sure to instill the highest sense of hygiene-adherence in their customers, mitigating concerns around Covid transmission.

Aside from this, Contactless Dining has many benefits — we’re left wondering why this wasn’t the standard before. Let’s go through some of the upsides for restauranteurs and customers alike.

1. Contactless Menus are easy to manage

Digital Menus are easy to keep updated—delivery, dine-in, and pick-up

A contactless menu is crucial for this to work. New regulations mean that physical menus can only be used once per customer, and restaurants certainly don’t need the added cost of printing hundreds of menus, only to discard them when a typo or inconsistency is discovered.

Out of stock? Adjusted pricing? New items? Special offers? Make changes once in your ChatFood Dashboard, and it reflects immediately to your customers for dine-in, pickup, and delivery.

In restaurants without digital menus, there’s always that moment of disappointment for the customer — upon asking the server for their selection, which they spent 5 minutes deciding, they’re informed that it’s not available. Prevent a bad first-impression with a centralized menu between delivery/pickup/dine-in.

2. Contactless Ordering improves customer experience

With a digital menu, customers know where their food is, how long it will take, and that their order is going to be correct. Gone are the days of the doubt one feels when asking waitstaff to repeat a 12-piece order back to them: hold the pickles here, add the sauce there. With a digital waiter, order choices are concise and easy to understand for all involved.

ChatFood’s ordering system is familiar to customers that used it for delivery and pick-up. Through your dashboard, orders are updated live, informing the customer about where their food is and how long it will take.

3. Contactless Payment speeds up a pay-nful process

There’s nothing more frustrating for a customer than waiting to pay. With Contactless Payment, it all happens at the table, at the customer’s convenience. And with Single-Sign-On (SSO) in the ChatFood system, their credit card is already stored securely from a previous order.

Or, limit your customers to paying at the counter only — you’re in control.

4. Contactless Dining gets delivery customers to dine-in

Bring customers to your store, then keep them coming back.

Offering delivery is unavoidable in 2020. When customers order directly with you, why not incentivize them to come in for a meal?

With ChatFood’s ordering system, retarget direct order customers through Social Media Ads with exclusive dine-in offers. This way, delivery customers that already love your food can trust that you’re practicing socially-safe policies, and be incentivized to become a loyal customer.

5. Increase re-orders with Contactless Dining + a loyalty program

Since the ChatFood dine-in system is the same for delivery and pickup, customers can collect and avail loyalty points wherever they’re eating your food. This is a far better solution for incentivize reorders than just a discount code, because you’d know exactly how much value is out as loyalty points, meaning you can better manage their cash flow and make projections.

Think about it: a customer comes in and orders via a QR-Contactless Menu. Their order was correct, and they knew the status at all times. They paid contactless, leaving at their convenience. And they know that they’ve collected loyalty points to save on their work-lunch during the week. Everybody’s happy.

To get your branded QR code menu, click here to join the 0% Movement and begin your 30-day free trial—set-up within the hour.

If you’re already enjoying commission-free orders, click here to set-up Contactless Dining.

It’s that simple.

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