$10,000,000 saved by 5000+ restaurants | an Open Letter from our CEO

Dear restaurant community —
Since founding ChatFood at the end of 2018, we have all come very far. Today, we celebrate two milestones together.

Firstly, I am proud to announce that more than 5000 restaurants and F&B businesses trust ChatFood to help them take back control of their online businesses. Secondly, we’ve collectively saved more than $10,000,000 that would have otherwise gone to pay hefty food-portal commission fees.

When food-portals first emerged, they offered restaurants a trade: give up profits and customer relationships, in return for more revenue from deliveries. Before long, those orders became a major part of restaurants revenue, and paying up to 35% of commission on each order became hard to sustain. Even worse, very few realized that in the process, they were also losing the ability to sell directly to their customers, and became more and more dependent on these food-portals.

We started ChatFood to help restaurants like yours evolve alongside the digitization of F&B. We believe that restaurants should be empowered to drive their own orders and monetize their online audience, without locking access and customer loyalties behind yet another app. Beyond empowering you with technology, we’re working hard to create a database of guides and insights, to share knowledge amongst our community, and collectively reclaim our independence.

I want to take the opportunity to thank you on behalf of the whole ChatFood team. In the last 2 years, we have formed relationships and have shared experiences with so many creative, daring, and inspiring restaurateurs. Experiences we will cherish forever. We look forward to a future together where we all collectively build something wonderful: an open and fair ecosystem, offering convenience to consumers, in tandem with profit and control to restaurants

—empowered by ChatFood technology.

I’ll see you at 10,000!

Benjamin Mouflard, CEO of ChatFood

on behalf of: Vini, Abdallah, Abdullah, Alex, Ann, Bruno, Claire, Faiza, Guilherme, Gus, Gustavo, Hasheer, Ibrahim, Iman, João, Larissa, Lucas, Luciano, Marcelo, Marion, Melissa, Mert, Mohammed, Nazrul, Philippe, Puneet, Raz, Rehan, Sahar, Sanket, Silviu, Suhail & Vinicius.

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