10 Ways to Get More Orders, Sustainably

The quick-commerce revolution is sweeping the F&B industry, and restaurants everywhere now find themselves in a race to the bottom of ever-dwindling margins. In a world quickly digitalizing due to covid, here’s how to get more orders — without breaking the bank.

We’ve outlined ten sustainable ways to get more customers, ordering more frequently, while having a great experience. Once you’ve enacted these ten steps, you’ll have a great foundation to grow in a sustainable fashion:

  1. Unify your ordering experience across the web to reduce purchase friction
Your unified ChatFood digital menu is ready to accept orders from all online platforms.

You already invest in your online presence — Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Google, your website — an ever-growing list of places you need to be seen. But these platforms quickly lose their efficacy if you need to redirect customers to another platform. Justify your marketing efforts by offering a unified online ordering experience that works within the platform your customer was already on, and stem the 50% loss in conversions that come with redirecting customers to another platform.

2. Engage in a personalized way on your website to increase direct orders

A personalized website widget to increase direct order volume.

We all know that restaurants are about building relationships around food. In a digital world, you need to warmly interact with your customers in a way that will delight them. Add a personalized message and prompt customers to order via a familiar intuitive menu and experience. We’ve seen restaurants increase orders through their website by 5X simply by implementing this order widget.

3. Update your social media channels to remain top-of-mind

What are your customers doing more than 20 times a day? Checking their social media accounts. Let your fans and followers know they can easily order from you, to greatly increase your conversion rate.

4. Reward your most valuable customers for their loyalty, and keep them coming back

Don’t pay commission on orders from repeat customers. Start your own loyalty program and watch your cost of conversion plummet, and volumes go up.

Did you know that it costs 4.8X more to acquire a customer than to get repeat orders from existing ones? We’ve seen restaurants increase their retention rate to 58% by simply implementing a customizable cashback loyalty program. This is far more cost-effective than offering flat discounts, and ChatFood’s loyalty program has the added benefit of being able to track how much revenue is currently out as loyalty points.

5. Get customer feedback to improve your product, and influence potential customers

After every order, take advantage of an automated feedback system that allows you to collect valuable insights about your product. When reviews aren’t the most favorable, get in contact with the customer to find out what went wrong, and offer a special discount to keep them coming back.

When reviews are favorable, customers are primed to receive a request for a Google review, which will improve your search ranking and influence potential customers to choose you over the competition.

6. Push for word of mouth, and get your customers advertising for you

Automatically provide the extra push to get people talking about you.

You already know your loyal customers, and you know how valuable they are — consistently spreading the word to their network and getting you more customers. Take this to the next level by prompting customers to share your menu with their friends and family, and reward them for doing so. We’ve seen restaurants increase their order volumes by 15% by simply including a call-to-action sent to customers at the end of their ordering experience.

7. Integrate your Facebook Pixel into your digital menu, and build valuable online audiences

Track customer behavior, retarget visitors, and reach more customers likely to convert.

Imagine if 70% of the customers who visited your restaurant sat down, looked at the menu, started placing their order… and just got up and left.

Did you know that up to 70% of visitors to your Instagram link-in-bio simply view and leave? You need to not only have a digital menu that makes it easy to order, but one that can integrate your own Facebook Pixel in order to track customer behavior, convert visitors into customers, and reach new customers most likely to convert. We wrote a whole article on the benefits, check it out here.

8. Provide excellent customer experience, without having to hire more staff

Field frequent questions instantly with a customizable chatbot, and clarify customer doubts to get them to checkout faster.

As a restaurant owner or manager, you’re often busy managing so many different urgent tasks that it’s not always easy to take the time to answer your customers’ questions. If you’re in that situation, you can use a chatbot, a little customizable robot within WhatsApp or Messenger that can answer 90% of your customers’ questions. It will also inform you when you need to jump in. This way, clarify potential customers’ doubts automatically, and get them to your digital menu.

9. Convert dine-in customers to delivery, and vice-versa

It’s a fact: dine-in frequency is decreasing thanks to convenient delivery solutions, so don’t lose your customers when they leave their table. Let them know in-store through your contactless digital menu that they can order at home, and incentivize them to do so with loyalty points that work for delivery, pickup, and dine-in. Likewise, convert your delivery customers to the more profitable dine-in segment, and get more orders by pushing customers to choose you for their dine-in experience to avail their loyalty points.

10. Reach into a wide networks of influencers and bloggers

This is Alex from @justfooddxb, one of the many marketing partnerships available via ChatFood.

You’re probably already contacted by many bloggers and influencers to write or talk about your restaurant. This is great, but how do you measure the value of their activation? And how many steps does it take to place an order from their post?

Sign up with great influencers like Alex from @justfooddxb, and track the orders that influencers bring via a CLIP placed on their social media profiles.

The best part: get all of this and more
— at 0% commission.

Sell online direct, increase customer retention, and reach new hungry customers.

At ChatFood, our mission is to help restaurants generate more revenue, sustainably.

To date, we have provided 4000+ restaurants with the tools they need to succeed in a quickly evolving online world, without relinquishing their profits to hefty commissions.

First, we help restaurants to sell direct, across all online channels, by monetizing their audiences. This is achieved by using an intuitive digital menu that is accessible via Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, your website, and elsewhere. Plus, take advantage of the exclusive Instagram [Order Food] buttons and stickers, made possible through the Instagram & ChatFood partnership.

Then, we help restaurants to keep their customers coming back. Using your loyalty program, incentivize repeat orders and convert delivery customers to dine-in, and vice versa. Having a Facebook Pixel integrated into your digital menu makes a world of difference, and allows you to convert visitors into customers.

Finally, use the aforementioned Pixel integration to reach out to new customers more likely to convert, and partner-up with rewards schemes and influencers to access wider networks, and acquire new customers.

So what are you waiting for?

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